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Hussar set

Hello guys,

I'm starting a new set, at the moment will consist of sword and helmet based arround Winged Hussar's differents styles of gear trhough the ages.


Started with the HP:


Here is some refereneces I got from the webz: img album


  • GRAT0R
    I added minor details and reworked the unions of some pieces, also tried marmoset toolbag.

  • GRAT0R
    LP and wires:
    Current triangle count 3398


    Will comeback later to post bake results
  • GRAT0R
    Bakes and first texture pass to check in the engine:


    feedback appreciated
  • Dylan Brady
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    Dylan Brady polycounter lvl 9
    deffinately a good base to make some kool textures from!
    make sure as soon as you start working on the texture you put it in chivalry, since our engine isnt PBR your results are going to look alot different than Marmoset.
  • GRAT0R
    Thanks Dylan!
    I actually made this base considering the udk rendering but uploaded this images just for the sake of juicing my toolbag trial time lol.

    In fact I found myself a bit stuck in the texturing process so I decided to give this sword a little break and start learing a more about this process. I just installed Substane designer 4 and I am pretty excited about it. Will report back soon.

    Also, would this make a good broadsword?

  • GRAT0R
    Hey guys, I've been a bit bussy and I worked a bit on my swords:

    Got the messer onto the engine and started texturing again. Any tips on how to get this gold material improved?


  • Dylan Brady
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    Dylan Brady polycounter lvl 9
    nice work!
    some tips on making gold look right.
    Gold is all about the specular, so make the diffuse a very darkish brown color, and make your specular a very saturated gold. take for example Temujins Legacy.
    our engine also has the feature to add an Environment mask to your weapon. this will help make the gold look like it is reflecting the environment. so play with the EnvironmentMapIntensity parameter in our weapon material to see this effect.
    Also try adding some grime and scratches to your specular map to give the metal a weathered look. Hope that helps!

    PS: good work on that broadsword! looks like some clean bakes.
  • JO420
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    JO420 polycounter lvl 14
    Really cool work so far, +1 to what Dylan said about the gold diffuse,90% of the work is in the specular.

    One nerdy observation, I would reconsider the name of your set. When I think of a Hussar,I think of a mounted fighter, so in terms of weapons, a 2 handed messer perhaps would not fit in towards that name. 1 handed weapons and spears would totally be Hussar material!!
  • GRAT0R
    Thanks guys!!

    I still have to adjust the colours a bit on the gold material but I think it already looks way better than before! I also have to add more wear and grime to the whole texture


    @JO420 I also though about the lack of coherence in name and I came up with renaming this sword to Veteran Messer. ( the rank 50 bait is real :P )
    Also feel free to add me on Steam, I'd love to see you ingame sometime. My steamid is grat0r
  • GRAT0R
    Picked back up this project and started concepting a helmet to go with the set:
  • GRAT0R
    Retopology is done and sitting arround 1500 tris. Now im working on the textures:
  • JO420
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    JO420 polycounter lvl 14
    I think its a good start for your helmet.Some things that you should consider adjusting to bump up the look of the weapon.

    - Your bolts could use a little definition. They sorta look like bumps on the surface and perhaps look into how you can give it more a look of construction. Like minor shadows around the edges.Or dirt around the edges of the bolt so it sticks out a bit. Perhaps consider making the bolts gold for contrast so they pop out more.

    -secondly your gold feels like its more in the green side of the color spectrum and not orange/yellowish.

    -third that lovely engravings you added to the gold elements get a tad lost because there is no information on the textures besides the normals. You should consider adding some shadows/dirt in the engraved parts to make all those decorative elements stick out,like this for example..


    Aside from that I think its a nice looking design.
  • GRAT0R
    Thanks, that was really good feedback, I'll work on adressing this changes.
  • GRAT0R
    Hi there, I did some stuff to the HP of the helmet and tunned the textures a bit:


    Still lots of work to do. The messer gold material is giving me problems since I am using the specular map as environment map mask in the UDK editor. As a result the gold looks very much green. I'd glad to know if I am able to use one extra map for this slot or how can I desaturate my spec map via engine tweaks.
    I am afraid the new golden rivets on the helm may not hold up very well with my uv mapping and texture resolution. Then again these will take a very small portion of the screen once in game. What is your opinion?
    The broadsword is part of the set and remains untextured as of yet.
    Let me know what do you think since I am still figuring out pretty much everything as I work
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