IN PROGRESS: Material ID and Masking bugs

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Bek greentooth
Apologies for the ominous sound of The Big Electron / other background noise.

[ame=" 1.8 Bugs - YouTube[/ame]


  • Bek
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    Bek greentooth
    Also now that I close the suite after that video I get this error:


    And clicking "OK" or close causes the error to appear again.
  • Richard Culver
    Yeah that last one is a bug for sure. This happens to me all the time with Smart Materials. It adds them into the group which is a bug.
  • Eric Ramberg
    Hi Bek! Really really sorry for missing this thread!

    Very nice of you to make a video, it shows everything very clearly. First off I´d like to ask if you get the same behaviours with one of the sample projects:

    Its always good to find out if the problem is within the software or inputs!
  • Bek
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    Bek greentooth
    Eric, no worries, these aren't huge bugs; shift+click in 3do still seems to work fine.

    I'll try that now, but since I've tried it with new projects using two different sets of inputs (2 dif. projects) it seems likely it's software.

    Yeah just tried it with the AK sample project, all the stuff in the video also occurs. CS6.
  • Eric Ramberg
    Okay I will pass this on, Thanks Bek!
  • teddybergsman
    Thank you so much for putting together such a very detailed report Bek. This really helps tracking the bug down. Fixing!

    - Teddy
  • donofdon
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    donofdon polycounter lvl 2
    Hey, I'm in a very similar situation, so I can report it here I guess

    Today I started a new project and had several IDs on the color map all marked as painted metal and a couple marked as Iron. (I want it to be the same materials but have some changes on certain parts of the model). I had 2 more Ids marked as black painted metal and one as steel. After creating the project with Default Materials selected in the definition preset, anything that is duplicated does not appear in the project, I am only left with the black painted metal and steel layers. where is all painted metals and irons.

    If I then try to add a new smart material to assign to an ID, it creates within one of the existing groups.

    I'm on CC2014 and using the UDK preset.
    Edit, I also tried the 1.9 data released in the other thread, but it has the same issue, in case that was something supposed to be fixed..)
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