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Hey All,

After playing Watch dogs I decided to make a building that you might see something similar to in the game.

For now I just have the building but I am still working on the street and props to go in the street.

So far I'm about a week in but it is still a work in progress.

I used rail clone to make the modular pieces and Ddo to do the texturing


  • Cay
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    Cay polycounter lvl 4
    Hey.. You haven't really asked for critique, but I'll just take that for granted. :P

    First thing are these corners.. If you don't have a corner piece I wouldn't necessarily show any corner that prominent.. it's quite obvious that it doesn't work simply by the fact that your window glass is bent by like.. 60°... shifting the corner to be in the middle of a wall section would probably be better in this case.

    Now I haven't done many buildings.. but I think it would be best to change the scale of modularity, especially for a game like watch dogs.. instead of having all these parts I'd merge a few of them into one piece or even make one whole floor as one modular piece. If you are going for a more detailed scene it would probably be fine the way it is.

    One last thing here.. your normal map seems to have a gradient on the windows below the arch. You can see it's bending the reflection a little.. might not be major, just pointing out.

    I don't know rail clone, so apologies if that's the cause for some of these things. keep going
  • fab-camp
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    fab-camp polycounter lvl 6
    cay is right.
    i´d like to add that although you got a lot of polygons in there, my first impression was you got a texture slapped on a plane there. if you got all these windows and pillars as geometry make them stand out and regress more!
    also you spend tons of polygons on your pillars and arches. but not a single one on the top-most part. maybe add some cornice there to make your silhouette more interesting and less block-like.
  • brandv3d
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    brandv3d polycounter lvl 6
    A well needed update on this building. Fixed a whole lot of things in the textures and some UV's. Looking for feedback from you guys. Please let me know what you think.

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