The mask of Owloocucu (Character and weapon project)

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The idea of Owloocucu was firstly the staff. I wanted to create something fun and a bit silly. I started this a while ago and have now decided to show what I've been trying to do.

The project has expanded and I am now planning to include a character even though I am not character artist its more to complete the overall idea I have for Owloocucu.


Current wip of the staff, the texture isnt finished but wanted to get some feedback on the execution as well as colour palette. This is a big challenge for me as its the first time I've attempted 100% hand painted as often in the past made a high poly and used the baked maps as a guide.

I haven't decided my approach for the character yet, may spend a few more days to get things sorted.

I'll be posting a blog soon going through more of the back story of Owloocucu which I've been writing on my train journeys home.

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks.


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