IN PROGRESS: nDo2 - Always getting random noise

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Deadly Nightshade polycounter lvl 5
For some reason nDo2 is adding random noise to all my photo-generated normal maps..
Below is a picture of a dummy gravel texture (512x512). I´ve run two different photo-normal presets: full spectrum and "soft and large".
I also added 3 grey lines to the dummy texture and executed the presets once more and you can clearly see that nDo2 is adding some random noise on completely flat areas - and this is on a completely clean install (Ive not tampered with any settings).


(I´m creating the photo-normal from the active document)


  • Deadly Nightshade
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    Deadly Nightshade polycounter lvl 5
    A reinstall of the Quixel Suite did not solve this problem.
    So I thought that perhaps the noise is sampled from some other workfile, but that doesn´t seem to be the case (I´ve run nDo with only one workfile active - and also tried creating a map from a file/the clipboard).
  • teddybergsman
    Thank you Deadly Nightshade for the the report. This is a tricky one as I cannot seem to reproduce this issue (this is the first time I see it), here is what I get using full spectrum:


    NDO is not meant to sample any noise to combine with the normals -- this is really strange! To start, which version of Photoshop are you running?

    Also, can you confirm that this is nDo2 and not the SUITE version of NDO you are using? nDo2 has been discontinued and is not supported anymore, but you will have a free license of the SUITE version of NDO in your account!

    Thanks again,
    - Teddy
  • Deadly Nightshade
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    Deadly Nightshade polycounter lvl 5
    I know the feeling: the CNR status sucks!

    Adobe Photoshop CC
    Version 14.2.1 x64 (so, not the 2014 summer edition)

    Windows 8.1 x64

    As for the version, I was mistaken: I´m not running the old legacy nDo2 but the one that comes with the Quixel Suite.
    I updated it to the november 17 release (1.9?) and the issue remains. I have uploaded the PSD so that some of your techies can have a look at it. I used the same photo as the one you just posted.

    (just click the blue "Slow Download" button)
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