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Allods Magic Mirror

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Texelion polycounter lvl 8
Hey guys, I wanted to do something quick for my folio so I started this, based on a concept from Allods Online.


It's not 100% accurate but well...

I wonder if I should do the ground. Don't know what to do for this.


  • Texelion
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    Texelion polycounter lvl 8
    Well, took me more than three weeks, working slowly on this ( retopoing the roots was a nightmare ), but here is where I am.

    Any thought on the lighting ? I know it doesn't look like the concept but I adapted it a bit.


    Oh and I will add the bloom, candle flames, smoke and some other things in photoshop later, keep that in mind.
  • almighty_gir
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    almighty_gir ngon master
    the figure in the mirror looks like it should be some kind of twisted reflection and/or representative of a being actually IN the mirror looking out at you... maybe you could make this interesting by having the mirror seem clear, but having a black figure behind it, and have that swirling blue stuff all around it, kinda like looking into another dimension.

    that way regardless of the angle you're looking into the mirror it would still be perceived as "something" in there, rather than just a flat image.
  • Texelion
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    Texelion polycounter lvl 8
    I tried to do that, I knew how to do it in UDK but UE4 shaders seem different, and I'm not good enough to find by myself. I'm not even sure we would notice the "perspective" as the camera doesn't move and it's a single shot. Maybe I'll try to change that later.

    Anyway, I changed the lighting and shaders a bit and made a presentation in Photoshop :

  • Gannon
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    Gannon greentooth
    Nice, Mind posting wires? What sort of base shader did you set up for this look, Anything special?
  • lotet
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    lotet hero character
    hey mate! love it!

    only thin I dont like is the 2D painted ground in your final sho, I thin kyou could pull it of in 3D and it would look much better.
    also the candles could maybe use a tad of SSS to give them that wax feel.
  • shinobix
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    shinobix polycounter lvl 14
    That gets a "KICK ASS" from me!!!!!!
  • Fisty
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    Fisty polycounter lvl 8
    kind of looks like a vagina :D
  • Texelion
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    Texelion polycounter lvl 8
    lotet : yeah I was in a hurry and didn't do the ground in 3D, I guess I will do it later. With some blue shrooms. And grass. There is SSS on the candles, we don't really see it tho. Gonna check that.

    shinobix : thanks mate.

    Fisty : that's what I thought too...

    Gannon : nope nothing special really, it's just a diffuse with normal map and some emissive. I did a shot with wireframe shaders but it's all aliased, here it is. I didn't really care about the tricount tho, I wanted something smooth. It's not optimized at all.

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