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Hello there!

Just starting my thread for now. I will be posting my progress on concepts over the weekend.

This is an awesome opportunity, and I'm super excited to work on this! Thanks Riot :3

I wish everyone the best of luck and most importantly, have fun! :)


  • paulinagameart
    I've started on a concept for an inhibitor. I absolutely love the Arcade skins, so I wanted to go with an Arcade theme for my submissions. This one is going to be a spin on the Ms. Pac-Man tabletop machine. I'll have the concept finished soon along with other ideas :)

  • paulinagameart
    I've added some more details to the first concept. I went ahead and started on a second inhibitor concept as well. This one will be a rock/crystal joystick. I started to block out some geometry for the second concept in Maya. I also set up the camera and made sure that was good to go so I could make my concepts more accurate. Once I pick an inhibitor to work on, I'll get started on the Creep Den concepts! :poly136:




  • paulinagameart
    Hello there!

    I did some main blockouts today in Maya. I am leaning more toward the tabletop arcade inhibitor instead of the joystick. The base of the joystick looks pretty flat in the isometric view.


    I rotated the base to see if it would help. It didn't make too much of a difference, though.


    I did, however, start to block out the first concept as well. I want to go back and sketch out some more ideas for the base to break up symmetry and add just a little more depth.


    More 3D work and concepts soon to come! :3
  • paulinagameart
    I have a lot more time to work now! I will be posting my progress more often from now on. I've been doing some final concept work on the base of the inhibitor. Here's what I came up with.


    I combined some elements from my first two concepts and ended up really digging the mix; the contrast of the shapes is a bit stronger and flows better with the main shape of the arcade machine. The base under the barstool will be in the shape of a power symbol. I think it would be neat to add a glow beneath it as well, just for fun :)

    I started making revisions on the model today. Here's what I have so far.



    For my next update, I'll have a 'mid-res' version of the inhibitor completed. Might get into some UVs as well. Wooooot! :D
  • paulinagameart
    Quick update!

    I've got a slice of the base model at a good spot now. I've started on the UVs so that I can mirror the geometry and have the overlapping shells ready for texture stuffs. :3 I'll work on UVs over the weekend!

  • paulinagameart
    Added joysticks and buttons & pretty much done with the UVs! I'm gonna try and lower the tri count a little more as well.


  • paulinagameart
    It looks like I won't have time to work on the creep den before the deadline, unfortunately :(

    However, I have been working on the inhibitor texture! Here is what I have for now.


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