ID links and presets issue

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I just downloaded 1.6 and playing around with the demo scifi helmet in trial mode.

I started a new project and loaded the mesh/id/ao/norm. It opened with PigIronBlk set to a darkgrey id, chrome to white id. I changed the pigiron to blue, chrome to red, and added a graphite to orange id using the icon on the right of each material layer.

-first issue to me is that when I click on the id selector icon again(on the right side), the drop down shows blue as undefined and lists darkgrey as pig iron still. None of the id's are listed as being set to their associated material in the doc.
To me naming of the id list should be set to the material name it is assigned to in the active doc...right now it seems to keep the initial links id from initial set up of textures.
I would like the links id to be set from my current doc.

-second issue, I saved a preset to see if it would reopen the same. When i loaded the preset and opened the same mesh/textures, material id's were all set to the next one up in the list. (the blue was set to the light purple above it, red to cyan above it, orange to the darkgrey above it)
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