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Hi guys,

I'm super excited to be part of this contest.

Here is my thread for my work in this VFX category.

So for the contets I wanted to make an existing spell revamp and for the other one I'll try to do a 100% from scratch spell.

For now I just found what will be my revamp spell, I am still brain storming about the 2nd spell.

Here we go !


Yes !

I though that revamp could be really cool to work on AND would be a great idea for a new skin ! :D

The idea would be to pick the idea from LOTR for the "Horse shaped wave" but add a highly stylized and colored touch that would match better to the Art of LoL

Here is the ref from the movie (2min25s) :


And the Nami's in game basic ultimate ;


First I'll take care of the main problem ; The horses
Here is a first research for the horses' posing and anatomie.

I'll try to make a strong beast with easily recognizable shapes.


Horse Modeling WIP ;


Wip video for the horses ;

Click on picture for Vimeo Video ;


I'll post more as soon as I have something to show !

Tim / Izuall


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