Normal bake errors on simple mesh and I'm not sure what's causing them

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james swanson polycounter lvl 4
So I've been trying to bake this really simple piece for the past day and it doesn't want to work. So here are my results:

Here's my best result so far:


I've circled all of the problems I'm having:


My cage fully encloses my meshm especially around the outer rim, so it should be picking up the normals of the HP. The HP is aligned with the LP.

Things I've tried:
  • Unmirroring any mirrored UVs <---Did nothing
  • Expanded the cage <---Did nothing
  • Reset xForm and collapsed both HP and LP <---Did nothing
  • I also did xView checks for everything from double verts to missing UV coords. Nothing was found.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I've tried to think of every possible solution, but to no avail. Could this be a problem with the mesh itself? Thanks.


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