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Mason Knight - Dead Kennedy"s Maul

polycounter lvl 8
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pity polycounter lvl 8
Nice workshop - thanks to Torn Banner and Polycount for this opportunity!
I decided to finish my maul from Arms&Armors contest http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=139181&highlight=Dead+Kennedy%22s



  • pity
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    pity polycounter lvl 8
    Finally, i found some free time to continue with my high poly. I think, i'm very close to call this finished. Any C&C are welcome :)


  • pity
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    pity polycounter lvl 8
    Did some test bakes on the low poly. It is 5170 tris now - little larger, than mentioned in the maul's specs. Hope it's ok.
    2K bakes



    Starting to texturing this...
    Also, i have some ideas for Agatha's maul concept.
    Should be with the Lion symbols of course)
  • pity
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    pity polycounter lvl 8
    It was a long long time ago, but i am going to finish this maul again) Hopefully on the next week


  • GRAT0R
    Impressive sculpt and very nice bakes sir
  • Prime8
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    Prime8 greentooth
    The sculpting is awesome indeed!

    Some critique from my side.
    I'm not a fan of the materials though.
    - The hammer head looks like stone, is that on purpose?
    Increasing specular might help
    - The eagle is too "dirty". The areas without any edge wear look like an old tire or charcoal. I don't like the red outline at all, but that's more a taste thing.
    Would reduce the soot to show up mainly the cavities, basically polish it a bit.

    The bad news, if it hasn't changed by now, faction weapons are not allowed.
    To be sure you better confirm with Torn Banner if they would accept it, before finishing it.
  • pity
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    pity polycounter lvl 8
    Thanks for comments! 
    PRIME8, I agree with your critique. The hammer head should be metal. Also, i'm planning to rework some other materials too. Faction weapons was allowed a year ago. I hope this rule hasn't changed.

  • JO420
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    JO420 polycounter lvl 14
    I hate to say it,from this answer they gave me awhile back, and they seem to say no to team specific weapons. If you look at whats in the game right now.


    Nothing really feels team specific. They thing bout weapons,is even when coupled with a set,the weapon is usable with the opposing faction. Helmets seem to be the one part of the UGC that you can make them look team specific. In game,helmets also belong to one faction or another,but never both.

    Would it be possible to submit a version of a weapon that has the color scheme Agatha and Mason have? For example I just made a Claymore sword and I can easily do a red and blue version for each faction.

    A: we had to discuss this internally I think we're going to say no. It confuses things with our rules for not having team specific weapons. Sorry.
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