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PoLLuX polycounter lvl 5
Hey there everyone.

So this is my rough ideas for the inhibitor model. Since I was sure what kind of look I wanted to give to it (Steampunk + Magic + Tesla Energy), I just made some variations of it. I'll be posting my progress soon.

I hope you like it. Good luck to all :).



  • parasyte7
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    parasyte7 polycounter lvl 18
    I just want to make sure you saw this post with the update to the rules:

    Hi everyone,

    At Riot Games, we have a very strong feedback culture. We pivot and make adjustments when things can be done better or are not working. In the spirit of this culture and after internal conversations with feedback from the community, we have decided to make some tweaks to the environment section of the contest. You can now choose to create the turret or the inhibitor rather than being required to create both. We want to make sure we are giving everyone enough time to create assets that you are proud of and able to finish in time for the December 19th deadline.

    We are also tweaking the animation com petition and not have animators pick an established character since animating a specific character without the exact model will be difficult. We want to see solid animations that are keeping the animation style of LoL in mind when creating these ability assets.

    We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

  • PoLLuX
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    PoLLuX polycounter lvl 5
    Hey there,

    thanks for the heads up on that, parasyte :).

    This is a small update, I had this concept already, but needed some finishing, so only today I was able to upload it. As you might understand this is just the base, no power source in represented in it. I just wanted to give you the feel of it without nothing over.

    Hope you guys like it, have fun out there :D

  • PoLLuX
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    PoLLuX polycounter lvl 5
    Hey :)

    So, long time since my last update, but I've been trying to work on this as much as I can, but I'm very far behind, so I need to give this some kind of boost.

    Here is the progress on the inhibitor, I'm still not sure about some aspects on it, since I want it to be clear on how it works , but I'm not sure if that happens in the game perspective.

    Of course that with the textures and everything finished it will be more perceptive, but for now I only applied some base materials to make each different part stand-out.

    Any opinions would be very appreciated. Thank you :)

  • PoLLuX
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    PoLLuX polycounter lvl 5
    Here is some references I've been using for my Steampunk/Tesla themed inhibitior :)

  • PoLLuX
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    PoLLuX polycounter lvl 5
    Been trying to work on this on a daily basis and even though I didn't change much, I think I finally came up with the final design.

    My previous version was way too symmetrical for my taste, so I decided to break it up a little bit for now and see how it will work.

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