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Poseiden polycounter lvl 9
Hello I'm joining my first contest on Polycount! I'm a little late to the party, but I'm going to try to hit the road running. I going for a void theme angle throughout all my assets. Basically I’m pulling from the League of Legends lore. The group on Runeterra called the Cult of the Void partially succeed in forcing the void into the world, where as The Preservers have a chance to stop this from happing.

In short, my assets are all part of the same huge ass void creature. The turrets are the arms, the creep dens are the mouths, and the inhibitors are the eyes.

Map Layout

I know its not a whole map contest, but I can't help not like the idea.


reference images

I hope to incorporate each void creature into one or every design. I think that Vel'Koz will be a major influence in this project.


turret concept


I’ve started to concept out the den. More WIP on the way


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