Pole Axe - "Golden Age"

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Hi again polycount)

I'm here with next round of submissions, with my Pole Axe "Golden Age".

So to be short, here I'm going to continue my WIP thread at Crivalry and polycount contest, with some cosmetic fixes in my weapon.


Great thank to everyone who trying to help me, especially, Brandon.
Here I start:

I think wood texture is looking pretty good now. I took same texture from cgtextures but bigger resolution (yeeeeah...10 megabytes killed all my day limit :poly121:). But as the result, my texture looks more sharp. And second improvement was in my UV. I created sort of "mirrored" texture, so it helped me to get more available UV space with no harming to other parts of the weapon. + I generated new normal map with Xnormal and Nvidea photoshop plugin.

In next step I will be fixing speculars.


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