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Hey folks!

Congratulations to the participants on an incredibly successful competition! Over one quarter of all entrants submitted a final piece! There are so many great entries that the judging process was a real challenge for us. We’ve been blown away not only by the high number of entries, but the crazy quality of so many of them.

Here’s a breakdown of the entries:
Archer (mason/agatha/both): 5 (2/2/1)
Man at Arms (mason/agatha/both): 9 (5/3/1)
Vanguard (mason/agatha/both): 9 (4/2/3)
Knight (mason/agatha/both): 24 (8/8/8 )

Competition was incredibly fierce for the three knight slots! If you missed it, the winners were announced over here.

After the announcement, we will begin the work of integrating the winners through the workshop. So far, we’re the only non-Valve game to attempt revenue sharing, so we’re currently working with them to get it up and running. This competition was also an excellent stress-test for our uploader and workshop integration, and we’ve definitely found some frustrating hiccups with that, so we’re working on ironing them out.

It’s super important to note that even if you you didn’t finish your entry or it didn’t win, there will still be opportunities to end up in the store in the future. Though the 12 entries that won here will end up in the store first, they won’t be the last. To this end, we may be giving focussed feedback to entries that are unfinished, just slightly off the quality mark, or were awesome but were in one particular category where competition was so intense we had to fight about who would win.

As part of the ongoing UGC community we’d like to foster around Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, we will be moving this forum to the User Generated Content section of polycount, where people will be able to continue working on their submissions, and share progress on new ones! Located here

We’d also like to announce that all of the temporary Steam keys we gave out are now permanent. We want to encourage creators to stay creative, and we’d like to thank you for participating!

We also have a unique Polycount helmet just for this contest that we’re patching into the game. This helmet will be available to wear for ALL participants in the Polycount contest, not just people who submitted a final entry!

To receive the helmet, we need all participants to send us their Steam ID numbers. To get that number, go to your Steam profile, right click on the blank space on the page and select “Copy Page URL”.

Please send these URLs to [email protected] along with a link to your entry thread. The item will be available in an upcoming hotfix of the game planned to be released very soon!

Thanks again to Adam and Drew, the PC community for their valuable feedback, and most of all, the participants of the contest!


Edit: We've received a lot of questions about the timeline for integrating these assets. Unfortunately, we can't give a hard ETA. We're working with Valve on getting this system up and running, so the timeline is not entirely in our hands and we don't want to make any promises about the timing that we can't keep. At the current rate of progress, we would not expect to have it done before the end of the year.

We won't be adding the content prior to that system being ready, because we obviously want to make sure that it's fair to everyone. We also will only be adding the winners in that initial pass to honor the results of the contest and give them the first spots.

After that point our plan is to evaluate the workshop roughly every month. If there's enough quality content, we'll integrate it, and if not, we'll wait. At this point, we can't be any more specific than that.


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