[Riot Art Contest] - Urgot the Headsman's Pride

This was my first try at a low poly character and I spent way too much time in the wrong places. I wasn't able to complete the low poly paint. I'm pretty bummed that after all this work I'm not going to be submitting a piece but I did get a ton of knowledge and I'm going to finish this character and make him "cinematic" quality.

10683605_1028681413823940_4519670470732661377_o.jpg10626376_1019647581393990_1163654609514824708_o.jpgUrgot_0.jpgHi everyone,

This is my first post to Polycount! and my Wip thread for my entry into the Riot Art Contest. I'll be modeling Urgot. I have been feeling like doing a disgusting character that is not muscle bound.


I can't wait to see everyone's work, best of luck to all entries.



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