[Riot Art Contest] - Klemen Lozar

Latest update:

Here's my final submission. Apart from some minor tweaks, the electricity is mostly the same, I've spent the remainder of time polishing the fire spell. I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out, I think I succeeded in reaching my initial vision of a simple concept with a lot of stylisation. I want to note it's meant to look the best from top-down LoL's gameplay perspective, I've included front and side views as per the competition rules.

I wish good luck to all of you, it's been great seeing everyone's progress, a lot of excellent effects all around!

Click the image to view the animation:

Additionally here's a compilation of action shots I've submitted:

Hey everyone,

I'll give this a go as well. I suppose I'll start with a short breakdown of what I plan to do. As far as fantasy effects go, I'm really fond of the natural elements so I'll be mostly working with fire and electricity but try and avoid the usual stereotypes. I'll be working with UE4/3ds Max.

Electricity - I want this to look really impactful and sharp, like it could cut you apart.

Fire - I want to avoid the standard fireball look and go for something more fluid and stylised.

I did a first pass on the electric effect. At this stage I'm blocking out shapes and getting a sense of the timing, I will later go back and work on the animation and textures/treatment in more detail.

Click the image to view the animation:

That's it for now, I'm currently doing a first pass on the fire effect, I'll do an update when I have something to show. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with, good luck people!


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