UE4 polarized colored reflections

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Searched but couldn't find anything. Sorry if this has been asked before (wouldn't be surprised). Also hope I got the "polarized colored reflections" term correct.

How would you guys go about making this kind of reflections in UE4?



In UE3 you could just simply add the colors on the specular without having to modify the diffuse so the colors would only show up when light would hit it. With UE4 (4.4 and 4.5 tried), I tried keeping my shaders as always (roughness and all that) but connecting a rainbow-looking texture onto the specular. I know the specular node isn't really used anymore except for some very minor control in some cases, but for things like this I thought they still would keep the UE3 use (ie, colors from the specular showing up in the reflection).

I assume now things must be done in a more "physical" way, but.. how do these reflections work? Is there an easy way to go about it or I'm looking at some fairly complex nodes?

Thanks in advance. I'll keep trying here and post if I also find something.

PS: I already found this:



This seems to be the closest thing, but.. is there any other way? Thanks again.


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