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Hello all!
I'm going to go to a vacation, and almost missed this opportunity. Just in time. .:) This is a placeholder for the time being. After I come back (next weekend) I start working on my environment entry. Good luck to everyone!


The turret:







The Creep Den:






  • parasyte7
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    I just want to make sure you saw this post with the update to the rules:

    Hi everyone,

    At Riot Games, we have a very strong feedback culture. We pivot and make adjustments when things can be done better or are not working. In the spirit of this culture and after internal conversations with feedback from the community, we have decided to make some tweaks to the environment section of the contest. You can now choose to create the turret or the inhibitor rather than being required to create both. We want to make sure we are giving everyone enough time to create assets that you are proud of and able to finish in time for the December 19th deadline.

    We are also tweaking the animation com petition and not have animators pick an established character since animating a specific character without the exact model will be difficult. We want to see solid animations that are keeping the animation style of LoL in mind when creating these ability assets.

    We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

  • Groven
    I'm back and as I promised I started to work on the design of the turret. Due to changes in the rules (thank you Kenny to paste it here as well) I decided to focus on the turret first. I will work on the Inhibitor of course if enough time left.
    So here are the first sketches of the turret.

  • Groven
    Before I did the first sketches seen above, I checked the upcoming update of the Summoner's Rift. Because I have not played the game before, I spent some time in it to get familiar with the style and mood. So the quick ideas were influenced by these.
    In order to finish in time I had to choose which direction I take. I chose Number 8, the female, valkyrie-like turret-statue because, for some reason, I really like the idea that the turret is personalized in the form of a statue.
    In the update Riot uses different shape language for the two sides. I was inspired by the choice of symbol for the red side (owl) and curved shapes they used to be make it visually different.

    So here are the results so far:

  • Groven
    Update: I collected references about the valkyries and gathered additional information about the game mechanics and features of LoL. Thanks to these I realized some limitations I need to keep in mind when designing the turret.
    Playing with shapes I searching for a good silhouette.

  • Groven
    Here is my update for the turret. Based on my sketches I came up with this armor for her and made the sculpt. Tomorrow I will check it again with a fresh eye. Maybe some tweak will be done before I move to the next stage with it.
    In the left bottom corner of the picture, a quick render shows how the model will look like in the game environment.

  • Groven
    I started to adjust small thing, tweak here and there, but somehow it did not work. I missed something, and not to mention did not like the overall picture I got. After localizing the things felt off, I made quite a few changes. At the end I almost redesigned the whole turret. :)

  • Groven
    Small update: Low poly + UV WIP

  • Groven
    After a lot of tweaking I finally can show you a texture WIP of my turret. I also add a screenshot how it would look like in the game environment, and a small texture sheet example.
    Some explanation might be needed, cause I got the same question from my friends about the glowing blue light. Basically in the back of the turret that is its power source. A huge magical energy is concentrated at Summoner's Rift, so I thought that a magic core would be great for the turret. But this is a structure with defense task so I had to put it to not to get the first hit (otherwise it would destroyed with one shot). That is why you can see in the back (I know that it can not be seen from the camera angle used in the game, but for the design I did not want to do a half made turret looking nice only from the camera angle). To be seen from the camera angle that the turret is driven by a magical core and it operates, I added a glowing effect to its eyes.

    Let me know if you have any comments regarding my model, texture or presentation.


    Meanwhile I start working on the Creep Den, cause the winter...oh..no..the deadline is coming.:)
  • Perzik
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    Really, really cool texture !!
  • Groven
    Perzik wrote: »
    Really, really cool texture !!

    Thank you, Perzik.:)
  • Groven
    So, the contest is almost over. Here is a WIP on the Creep Den. I started sketching based on a RIOT illustration. It gave me the idea to build a sort of magic well with floating rocks.


    Because I did not have much time to make a high poly model, I did only the low poly and started to paint the texture. Even though the 2.5D texture painting solution has awesome results - just see the game -, I would have spent to much time to experiment with this approach. So I decided to do a full 3D using small tricks. :) Here is a WIP for the texture:


    Unfortunately I could not share with you my WIPs in time, but still, if you have any comments, feel free to share with me.

    As I finished with the presentation shots I will upload them in my very first post.
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    Wow. Really great breakdown shots! Nice submission!
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