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  • RogelioD
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    Your lack of content disappoints me :P
  • Zephron
    Here's that content I mentioned:

    I'm sort of tweaking the rules and making my towers and inhibitors for the Twisted Treeline, since the rules don't specifically state you HAVE to make your towers for Summoner's Rift.

    The thought behind the designs is that in the Shadow Isles, there dwell countless souls of the land's inhabitants when it was a happier time. These assets are made to match TT, but show a little more of the world's darker roots.

    Each asset will show a little wear and tear of sorts, since the Shadow Isles are all about decay and what once was.

    The tower is a figure encased in stone, appearing to reach out but is shackled into the grave.

    The Inhibitor is a crystal used as a power source, but ghostly hands will reach and try to pull the crystal into the ground. When the inhibitor is destroyed, I imagine the crystal being sucked into the depths.

    Comments would be appreciated.

  • parasyte7
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    I just want to make sure you saw this post with the update to the rules:

    Hi everyone,

    At Riot Games, we have a very strong feedback culture. We pivot and make adjustments when things can be done better or are not working. In the spirit of this culture and after internal conversations with feedback from the community, we have decided to make some tweaks to the environment section of the contest. You can now choose to create the turret or the inhibitor rather than being required to create both. We want to make sure we are giving everyone enough time to create assets that you are proud of and able to finish in time for the December 19th deadline.

    We are also tweaking the animation com petition and not have animators pick an established character since animating a specific character without the exact model will be difficult. We want to see solid animations that are keeping the animation style of LoL in mind when creating these ability assets.

    We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

  • Zephron
    Finsihed Inhib model, blocking out texture for it and starting to model the Tower, but I'm doubtful I'll have time to finish the tower fully if I want to have everything look proper.

    The inhibitor has a broken crystal and a broken chain to add some asymmetry and interest, plus it works with my theme of ghosts trying to pull the crystal into the ground. The chains are literally necessary to prevent the dead from ruining your trial on the field, instead of being there just because.

    Switched concept of creep den to a rundown carriage scene, I think it'll look pretty swell, especially given League's most recent video for Hallows End. Perhaps I'll have a hand sticking out of the carriage or something to give it a little more depth.

    Gonna continue to hash out the texture for the Inhib then focus fully on the creep den.

    Put a glow on the crystals because I was bored, kinda regret it now

  • Zephron
    Starting to match colors and add transparencies. Still a long way to go with the texture, but I'm starting to like the Crystal.


    Since the colors are supposed to match the twisted treeline, there will be a little bit of a disconnect with the color palette. That being said, the painted textures still need to fit nicely with Riot's.

    Maybe I'll make it look like the grass around the Inhibitor is dying or something to make it look closer to my theme.
  • Zephron
    Had to drop the project due to school, but picked it back up in the last week to finish my first asset properly.

    Here is the final version, I'm really happy with how it turned out. Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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