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I'll be working on the Environment Art part of the contest, currently throwing about some ideas in my head and making some scribbles. I will be uploading some sketches and silhouettes these few days before jumping onto Z-Brush.

My personal strengths are concept & modelling, and I currently see the most challenge in the actual making of the textures. =) Exciting stuff!

Good luck, everyone!

Entry thematic idea:
Technological research sites, converting the power of the crystals into liquid energy.
Main inspirations: Zaun and Piltover's use of crystals-to-magic liquid, Scientist Ziggs' splash art, Hextech splash arts, the 'New Dawn' Trailer, the existence of Heimerdinger, Rumble and Viktor as champions besides mercenaries like Katarina and Garen.

Inhibitor: Fuel converter.
Turret: Defensive mechanism connected to the Inhibitor by fuel cables.
Creep den: Giant skull den for the wolves with some scavenged tech lying about.

Photobucket bandwidth is a thing with forum images. Here's the album: http://s749.photobucket.com/user/AerisNoir/library/Polycount%20-%20Riot%20Games%20art%20contest%202014?sort=3&page=1
So if images don't show up here, see them all there.

Finished entry pieces:








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