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polycounter lvl 4
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Mr.Fierce polycounter lvl 4
Hello all! Amazing contest, i'm ready!
I think, i'm try redesign some Ryze spells!
So exciting!


  • Mr.Fierce
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    Mr.Fierce polycounter lvl 4
    Starting with concept document :3
    and some test effects, for understanding timing, i'll show it later.
    Engine: Unity3D.
  • Mr.Fierce
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    Mr.Fierce polycounter lvl 4
    Some very fast test effects. (recreate original)


    testing glass shader:


    And after that, i'll start sketching.
    So, this is 1st concept in my life :D


    but it's still simple :(
  • Eavin7
    Nice start. Im always interested in how people decide to do smoke fx, yours already looks good in the "test" stages, what method are you using?
  • Sirhaian
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    Sirhaian polycounter lvl 3
    I love it! :)
    I'm interested in how you made this smoke effect. Did you use SubUVs? How did you use Maya's Fluid Effects to render it? I'm curious! \o/
    Can't wait to see the final result! What you show here is already really nice! :)
  • sgtscience
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    sgtscience polycounter lvl 8
    Really great choice for effects, as I think this is a big spell that could use an update. I like where u are going, but I think maybe making it really like a prison could be cool. Like the current effect is kinda subdued, and you have nice effects with the rune glass, pillars, etc. But maybe think about making it look really solid, like that dude is in prison, locked down. Chains, bars, ball gags, carts like Hannibal... Just some thoughts, I love ur stuff it makes me think!
  • joseguilherme
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    joseguilherme polycounter lvl 3
    Hey man nice work so far! Pretty good to see you using Unity, can I have some advice? : ) You are all about particle system? Or using Ellipsoid, or both ? These are kind confuse me. How to control this freaking looping? Sorry for this man, really sorry, I know that has all documentation, but.. can I pay u some beer?
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