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Hi All!
It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. I have been lurking on the forums looking at all the awesome work that keep popping up.

So this is going to be my main thread for showing off what I’m working on and a place to hopefully get some awesome critique. My aim is to grow my portfolio and try and improve my art quality overall.

I feel as though my portfolio hasn’t evolved much and this has been due to starting a lot of project and never finishing them. I intend to end that and start to produce more regularly, using this as a repository for progress.

I’m hoping to get a few things from this thread:
• Get critique on current projects and level up my skills.
• Get critique on my portfolio and develop this into something awesome!

You can find my portfolio over at:


So here is my current work in progress, based off a concept from a grenade from Elysium. I have been working on the High poly, and have detailed it in Zbrush. I am working on the low res and will have progress to show of that shortly!
Any CC welcomed!

Here is the concept im working from:


Here is my High Poly WIP



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