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[Chivalry] - Mason Man-At-Arms - Spudnik& Pior Set

polycounter lvl 11
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Spudnik polycounter lvl 11
I'm doing a Mason Man-At-Arms together with Pior, here's the concept and the progress thus far. We re-jiggered it for the Mason MAA instead of the Agatha MAA because the wings motif is more in line with their sigil and the Mason seems a bit more rough around the edges which works nicely with the design of the Holy Water Sprinkler.




Weapon (Holy Water Sprinkler):



  • pior
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    pior grand marshal polycounter
    Looking great man :) The accuracy is impressive, and the very subtle surfacing is fantastic. Very well done.

    Looking at the comments made on other Polycount entries in the Chivalry workshop, I now think that the handle/pole of the mace will need to be much thinner tho... It will be quite apparent when compared to the other assets in the game, as shown in the ExampleWeapons scene that comes with the UDK. If you have the time I would suggest to drop a blockout in there for the sake of comparaison - and if time is short on your end I can do that for you.

    Something similar could be said about the ornamental wings of the helmet - they might need to be thinner/smaller.

    However ! These proportion changes could very well be made "post-bake", directly on the lowpoly model. What do you think ?
  • Imperium101
  • alexd
  • Spudnik
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    Spudnik polycounter lvl 11
    Blockout for a more conservative version. I'd love as many comments as possible. We talked a bit about the direction but it's really hard to pinpoint where we wanna fall on the fantasy/realism spectrum. I'm a guy who loves himself some interesting silhouette and most of the 100% realistic stuff is really, really boring. Also, while Chivalry does veer more towards realism, there's still plenty of fantasy inspiration. Again, would love to hear what you guys think.

    EDIT: something I liked about v1 was how light it felt, and since the Holy Water Sprinkler is the fastest primary weapon iirc, that would fit nicely.

  • alexd
    Spudnik, i totally agree with you. I have throughout all the contest discussions and getting critics about fantasy and other stuff. I personaly favor the thin line between fantasy and realism since, as you said, real armors are most of the time sort of boring, and the contest is after all to make them get sold. And since items ingame cost anywhere betwee 2$ and 6$ , you need to put good visual value behind them so you can make the player interested in spending money.

    I wish not to misguide you though with more straightforward feedback. Honestly as a person who buys items in lots of multiplayer games, i would say i would definitely spend even 6 $ for your items if i see them ingame. Thus speaking i love the siluette which will make me look different from distance, and the weapon is just freaking amazing to see it in my hands.

    Tornbanner position as they say it is " Not too high fantasy ". My personal opinion is your items doesnt look high fantasy. But you might need to hear other opinions as well :)

    Nontheless , great job !
  • Nolt
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    Nolt polycounter lvl 13
    Definitely agree with alexd (I think I just started a rap song). Just keep in mind that much fantasy and lore is inspired by reality.
  • Spudnik
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    Spudnik polycounter lvl 11
    Donesies :)

    The Winged Wrath set by Pior and Spudnik for the Mason Man-At-Arms.

    Steam Workshop Link
    Polycount Thread

  • bounchfx
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    Nolt polycounter lvl 13
    Great job there! Congrats on submitting :D
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