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[Chivalry] – Mason Man-At-Arms – Zantorian Set

polycounter lvl 11
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Syros polycounter lvl 11
Hail to all the smiths around,
As I saw the fog of all the fire up in the air, I found lots of smiths gathered in this valley and forging steel for lots of brand new brutal Weaponry for the fight going on in the war halls and castles of Chivalry!
Well I could not stop myself from running toward you guys, Well here I am, Although I got late, but I try me best to catch up with you guys!
Tones of nice models are maid till now.
As I was on my way I found Man at arms with Broadsword is good to go.
I will keep hard to stay with silhouette, but lets see what it will be at the end.


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