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UE4 - P.T. Environment

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LAST UPDATE - Project Done !!!!

[ame=" recreated on Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube[/ame]

Take a look at my portfolio aswell :)

Hi, I'm trying to reproduce as closely as possible the P.T. Demo of Silent Hills.

I know someone else is doing the same on this forum, so some competition could be fun :P

I'm in a very early stage for now, but I give myself 1 month to reproduce the whole scene as nice as possible.

The lighting will be a hell of a job to match the powerfull Fox Engine. This is also my first project in this engine so far, so i'll explore it at the same time.

I will update this thread as often as I can to show you the progress.

For now, I use the materials that come with the engine with slight modifications to them for placeholder materials. I made the blockout so far and I will tweak stuff here and there.

Remember everything is W.I.P for now...everything !



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