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[Chivalry] - Mason Archer - Set

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Chris Bruin polycounter lvl 10
As I finished my first set for the Agitha Knight, I'm starting a second set for the Mason side of things. I am not sure if I am going to make a Heavy Crossbow or a Light Crossbow, the Heavy Crossbow is a heck of a lot more work due to making the wind up spinner/moving parts, , and it's the last item you unlock in the Archer line, so fewer people will get to experience that weapon. Also, if anyone has a link to the Archer Weapon Tutorial on the Confluence/Wiki, I'd appreciate that link :)

Started with some thumbnails tonight, I'm not going to do a full painting due to time constraints (2 weeks to complete this entire set!). I will do a blockout in Maya tomorrow to experiment with some ideas for the first person view, and then move ahead right away to the HP modelling stage.



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