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[Chivalry] - Broadsword - Aurea Elite (A Golden Blade for Elite Warriors)

"One day, a king asked his blacksmith:
- Create a weapon for my elite warriors; all soldiers should be able to recognize their leaders from far away thanks to the sight of that great blade.
- Your Highness, what would you suggest ?
- Hmmmm... A golden sword that would shine like the light of god, announcing the best fighter on the battlefield. It should also be made of a strong material, and be the most balanced sword you could find.
- That is truly a challenge, your Majesty. But I think I have found a solution:

The Aurea Elite

I will make a sword of the best iron and steel along with some rarer metals of my knowledge. I shall cover that blade in thin persistent gold !
- Do your work and you shall be rewarded.
- And I shall satisfy the needs of your warriors."

And so was born this idea. Updates coming soon





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