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[Chivalry] – Mason Vanguard - Zweihander


I'm rather new the the whole polycount community, been checking out all the cool stuff but never really contributed myself. Figured it's about time that changed. :)

I will be making a mason themed zweihander. I've been modelling out some of it in a conceptual state already, will probably upload a picture or two of that later tonight!

I want to give it some nice and interesting detail and not make it too plain, all the while keeping it rough, dark and badass which is custom of all things Mason.

I'll start this thread of with a kind of reference sheet.


  • Mykee
    Alright, an update.
    So it's as far as I've gotten with the base as well as a quick paintover to try out some colors and such.

    Not quite happy with where the grip is going, it feels rather bland and boring.



  • LuCh!
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    LuCh! polycounter lvl 5
    you do know zweihander is german for two hands right?
    so the piece above the big cross guard is also a grip so you may want to remove those little spikes
  • Magicspook
    Be aware of the fact that the ricasso (the part of the blade between the two crossbars) was used to grip the blade for easy transport and better aiming. You put spikes there ^-^ wouldn't be nice to hold it there!
  • Mykee
    Yeah, do know it's a two hander, figured they just used the somewhat larger handle, but I guess I was wrong. :)

    If I decide to finish it up at some point I'll redesign it for sure, I got busy with some work however and just didn't "feel" it with this sword.

    Appreciate the feedback though, thanks!
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