3Ds Max make planar on certain axis hotkey?

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james swanson polycounter lvl 4
I'd like to assign a hotkey to planarize a selection by hitting ctrl+shift+x, y, and z. However, the only function I can find is "make planar" which isn't what I want. Is there a way to assign a hotkey to just the make planar X function? Thanks.


  • pableaux
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    pableaux polycounter lvl 4
    a lot of Max's functions that aren't exposed in the Customize > Customize User Interface area can be turned into shortcuts/buttons/etc by doing something like this:

    1. Open the MAXScript Listener window (hit F11)
    2. In this window, go to MacroRecorder > check on "Enable." A pink area appears at the top of the window. Most actions you perform in Max will now have their corresponding MAXScript commands be mirrored in this area.
    3. See what comes up when you try to make planar along a certain axis.
    4. You can highlight that particular line of code, and drag it into an empty area of a toolbar to create a button. Pressing this button will now run that code.
    5. Here's the important part: by default, dragging and dropping this code will create a new category of actions in Customize > Customize User Interface. This category is called "DragAndDrop." You can now select this category when assigning keyboard shortcuts, and assign a shortcut to the snippet of code you'd previously dragged to make a button.

    There are ways to skip the drag/drop and just create the category and action yourself. Read up on MAXScript in the manual. :)
  • james swanson
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    james swanson polycounter lvl 4
    Thanks! That worked perfectly. However, ctrl+shift+X isn't assignable. It assigns fine, but doesn't actually do anything when pressed. So I have planar on Y assigned to ctrl+shift+Y, on Z it's ctrl+shift+Z, and x is ctrl+shift+...D. -_-

    Still works fine though, thanks!
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