I have an annoying bug that crashes 3Ds Max. Would appreciate some help!

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First off, as a disclaimer, I've tried Autodesk support. They told me to dl a service pack. I have the student version of Max 2012. I call this glitch "the samsquanch" because it appears randomly, and is really difficult to notice.


Notice first how this screenshot looks pretty much normal. Nothing wrong with the viewport or anything. However, notice how the top toolbar is pretty empty. For some reason, max likes to randomly take some toolbars away.


This is how it's supposed to look.

Anyways, if during this glitch I try and click the max icon in the upper left corner, it'll crash saying "an unexpected error occurred". I can still save the file by hitting ctrl+s, and then I just exit and reopen, avoiding the crash.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this happen, and if there's a fix for this. Thanks.

Edit: Here' what the error message looks like:



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