Abandoned Car

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Vincent_DEROZIER greentooth
Hello polycounters!
It's been a long time. Too much work on Assassin's Creed Unity!
Today I decide to take time and share my last work, an abandoned Car.
Who says that I'm a big fan of last of us?! :)









Here is a personal project I have done in 2014. The idea was to create an abandoned car on a organic piece of ground to create a contrast and enhance the Car. Every basic modelisations have been made in 3dsmax, details have been add in ZBrush and texturing in photoshop. I have render the scene in marmoset 2.


  • Immanu'EL Segol
    Wow I'm loving it !!!!How did you make the oil puddle?
  • slosh
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    slosh polycounter
    This is really nice man. Such a mundane subject matter made interesting with excellent execution and a very well done base...love the cutaway layered dirt. I can totally see this crossing Joel and Ellie's path!
  • pgamers
    One thing i have to tell you, its a abandoned car, oke i can see but the glass is just normal no breaks are windows removed etc.
  • DWalker
    Tires usually don't last that long, especially in a hot, humid environment; consider making the 3 remaining tires to flat; something like this:

    Car windows can remain intact - and, indeed, pristine - for decades. There's no reason, however, that you can't add some visual interest with crazing, dirt, or even a slimy moss:
  • Vincent_DEROZIER
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    Vincent_DEROZIER greentooth
    Hi all, it's nice to have reply!

    Immanu'EL Segol---> I obtain this oil puddle effect by adding a secondary relection in the properties of my base material. I add a "Newton's Rings" Secondary reflection. After that I create a mask to chose where I want this effect or not.

    Slosh---> Thanks!!

    Pgamers---> You mean like the one I have break or the door I have remove? However if you don't spot them it's that my job is not obvious enough I will work on it.

    DWalker---> I totally Agree with you, I will retake that.

    At the same time I'm experiencing a lot of issue with alpha and transparency in marmoset 2, I don't achieve to have a good alpha test...
  • julian
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    julian polycounter lvl 3
    You did a really good job all around I love how you added of a sample of the environment the car would be in. good job keep it up!
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