Affordable Motion Capture Tech

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DeepSpaceBanana interpolator
Found this on kickstarter what do you guys think? Affordable motion capture for games, i'm thinking this will be really useful for indies?

Here's their kickstarter page


  • antweiler
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    antweiler polycounter lvl 5
    The technology looks pretty much like XSens MVN, which is well established, and offers all the advantages, they talk about in the video.
    Its great, and easy to use, but has some drawbacks. An XSens system costs about as much as a good car, and from what i heared, its the software, which makes it expensive. So getting more competition is a good thing, and hopefuly prices will go down.
    I expect that in the next few years more and more studios will get inhouse mocap systems for quick recordings.
  • McGreed
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    McGreed Polycount Sponsor
    To be optimal, it would be good with an addition, a face capture module as well. Of course you can do the animation for the face after, but to get more natural and in the moment capture, for the actor to do it at the same time he is moving around is really helpful. And yes to the competition, especially if they can make it cheaper for hobby.
  • Ashaman73
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    Ashaman73 polycounter lvl 6
    For the tinker:
    Look for blender (as motion capture software) in combination with video system or even the kinect. At least you don't need to sell your car ;-)
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