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doomprodigy polycounter lvl 5
Super late to the party. But I've had an idea of a model kicking around and figured I will start it now, and either finish it for the competition which would be great, or just have it as a portfolio piece if I am unable to complete it in time.

I'm creating a scifi soldier ridding a giant ladybird that is clad with metal/guns etc.

So far I have worked out most of her helmet and a little around her torso. I've got nothing planned for the next week as I'm on a break so hopefully I can finish in time.



  • doomprodigy
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    doomprodigy polycounter lvl 5
    Update, Calling the helmet finished for now as I need to move on. Depending on time I might return to it.

    Started working on the body
  • BagelHero
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    BagelHero polycounter lvl 6
    Holy crud, that's what I'd call cutting it close.
    Design sounds and looks pretty rad, I'd like to see some more ladybug-esque features mirrored on the rider, but it'll probably come together in the texturing even if you have to cut designing a little short. Helmet looks awesome, and good luck!
  • doomprodigy
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    doomprodigy polycounter lvl 5
    Small little update, started working on the boots and a bit more on the back tonight after work, Decided to change my original plan for the back due to time, so it is more simple now.
    Plan is to finish modeling the character completely (fingers crossed) on Tuesday (Sunday today)

    Little ladybird body piece work:
    Yeah I've got some plans with the texturing of the undersuit to reflect the pattern I go for on the ladybug. It would have been cool to do a more Bug helmet though!
  • doomprodigy
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    doomprodigy polycounter lvl 5
    Not much of an update once more, about to leave for work, and then I have the rest of the week off, hoping for a large amount of progress done then.

    Body nearly complete, might manage to finish the HP after work.
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