Would appreciate crit on a Spas-12 WIP

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Here's the imgur album

Please give me any crits you've got. I made the mistake of going all the way through the texturing process on my last project, and then people pointed out that my HP needed revision, so I'm trying to make sure my HP is good before I move on. There are a couple of spots I was having issues with:

The vertical pump grooves. I got them okay, but they could be better. I'm sure I can fix the creased edges when I bake normals and tweak them in PS, but I'm not sure if that's a smart workaround. If anyone has any tips on how to put those grooves in, I'd be very thankful.

The grooves on the hand grip. I ended up just using floater for these since I just couldn't get them to look clean. Again, if anyone has any tips on how to model these, that'd be nice!

The inside of the chamber (sorry if that's not the right technical term). I'm not sure if I should put some mesh inside to make it so it doesn't render transparent. I'm not sure what artists usually do for the inside of a chamber.

My edges overall. I know on my last model I was told to loosen my edges. I tried to keep an eye on how tight my edges were when making this one, so I hope it's gotten better. If there are edges that I need to loosen, please let me know.

If you want another reference at a different angle, I'd be glad to make one!



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