How are guns with attachments in FPS games broken up?

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So I'm currently modeling the Spas-12 for the monthly gun challenge. I'd like to do two variants of the Spas: The collapsable stock, and full stock.

Collapsable stock:

Full stock: 67qkgh.jpg

The full stock would offer the best accuracy and stability, but it would be a bit sluggish. The collapsable stock, when collapsed, would be fast and agile, but the accuracy would suffer, as well as the stability. When the collapsable stock is unfolded, it'd almost share the same stats as the full stock , but it'd be a little bit less accurate. If the player had the collapsable stock equipped, he'd be able to switch between modes while playing. The different stocks would be attachments.

Anyways, my questions is: How should I break up the models? Should I make two totally separate models, one for each stock? Or should I create every part of the gun that won't vary, such as the receiver, pump, heat guard, etc. And then unwrap each varying part as a separate object.

I'm not sure how devs break up their models and attachments. I'd appreciate any help!


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