[WIP] [UE4] - Skirmish - scifi corridor

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Its been a long time since I've done a WIP thread (or a portfolio environment for that matter )

I've kinda worked on little bits of this here and there for a while.


Overall I want to improve my own drawing/painting/concepting ability, So I've been making myself draw things out a lot more. This took an embarrasingly long time for me to whip up, but I'm happy with the results:


I'm going for an Alien meets Halo 4 UNSC thing. I'm a big fan of a lot of the designs for Halo 4 UNSC stuff. Particularly the paneling and mixture of clean and busy spaces. On top of that, I wanted to try selling the atmosphere from Alien. Sorta going for an "abandoned, or is it?" vibe.

So far, I've whipped up a few blockout modular pieces to rough in the space.


I got these laid out in UE4, and I did a rough lighting pass to kinda start nailing down the mood. I'm not worried about introducing a focal point yet, just nailing down the hallways themselves for now.


Currently I'm working on fleshing out the modular pieces. I just doodled up something for the wall panel:


I'm working on the high poly for this now.

Interested in comments/critique. I'm not really wanting to rework the concept I did...but I'm not worried about deviating from it as I go along. I'm especially interested in hearing critiques about lighting/mood so far, as I'm less experienced with lighting.


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