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Alright, just started sculpting and this is the progress of about an hour of work:




Still on the first sub-d level to find all big facial bone and musle landmarks, and he doesn't look so much like Joel yet at this point. Not showing the body, because its very very roughly shaped.

The member, tits insisted me to show the start of this project of mine, so here you go. (;

Oh, and I'll try to go with the PBR texturing workflow. I'm pretty much noob with texturing and I don't even have much experience with the previous generation texturing either. :P I'll probably need anatomical tips and hints during the process as well.


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    FourtyNights polycounter lvl 4
    Nothing fancy to show at this point, just keeping the thread alive. A LOT of work ahead, and I haven't sculpted the head for a while since I'm working on arms and hands currently. Then I'll move to the torso and legs... after that I fix proportions and overall shapes... and THEN it's time to ask some feedback for everything.

    I'm not aiming 100% likeness of Joel, because mr. Knowland already made the great job, haha. But I'm still giving him a lot of Joel's features, especially the beard and hairstyle (which is going to be the last and hardest process of this I would guess).

    But here's a bit of progress (ignore the anatomy from below his neck, it's heavily wip and needs a lot of fixing):

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