Deadline has been extended until tonight!


Thank you Adam for re-opening the thread, giving people their due chance and letting people put a little more time to polish up their work to be presentable.


Take note of the NEW deadline. Pay attention that it's not -7 GMT, we don't have a whole 24 hours but it's close enough the time is -4 GMT. So three hours earlier than a full day. Guys, we should take this extra blessing to do last minute changes you see problems in your work. Rushed it out the door? take a little more time on it and submit it tonight.

You will still be required to make your post in the finals thread for it to count, so if you posted in the unofficial thread we made, make sure to double check and get yours submitted to the final submission.

I would strongly encourage everyone to check out this great idea chucklepunch came up with on showing the playspace and some paths.

It doesn't take long to map an area out with colors and goes a long way to sell your concept to the devs. If you do something like this (I know I am) make sure to include that sort of thing in the finals submission. This doesnt break the rules of "3 pictures per theme" and will be really helpful to Epic much more so than just a picture. Some of us have had really ambitious designs or hard to tell playspaces, this is a great way to bring it back to making sense.

Good luck everyone, keep rocking.
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