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polycounter lvl 3
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Rynox polycounter lvl 3
Hey all,

Here is my thread for the contest, I hope it's not too late :)

Initial thumbnails:


Then I decided to scrap those, and work with the block out pic provided of a hallway:


Working on details and ideas:


Final image incoming shortly!


  • FirebornForm
    Going with a paint over is probably a smarter decision this late in the game, the comp is already set up for you. You've still got a few hours to go before the deadline cut off!

    Overall I like what I see so far, it's got a really oldschool space station feel going on.
  • Rynox
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    Rynox polycounter lvl 3
    Yes I'd have to agree on the aspect of time, and thanks FirebornForm!

    I think ultimately being influenced on earlier FPS moreso than recent games has led me this way.

    Here is my final entry, thanks for looking!

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