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Okay, since time is running out with the deadline tomorrow and my original idea taking too much time, I attempted to do something that is quickly realizable.
I worked on it throughout yesterday and the day before yesterday and almost totally forgot to open the WIP thread. :X

I chose a very iconic setting for UT's arenas: old, abandoned and run down industrial facilities.
As this post in the QA thread already gave me a positive answer for my to-be-asked question if I can use own photo resources in a concept, I could just start right away and dug out old photos from my enourmous pile of pictures that I have taken to use them on top of the blockout.

I used the blockout called Shot07 as it was the most interesting one for me.

The evolution of the picture can be seen below in my attachments, this part of the process was mostly texturing the blockout with less painting involved.


  • Sly.
    Okay, another small update on it can be seen below in this post.

    In the first, I began to paint over some of the stuff I have textured to add some structure and some interesting objects to fill the scene.

    Of course, that was not enough. The lighting was pretty basic and definitely needed tweaking as it totally didn't suit the mood I wanted to portray.
    In the second picture you can see what I have done to the lighting.
    The biggest changes would be the additions of shadows at pipes and the ray of lights coming from the broken windows on the slanted ceiling.

    It is not entirely final yet but I'm really close to it I guess. I just want to add some flares to the individual light sources yet and fix a small bug I have encountered where I have killed a part of the concrete floor with ugly pixels. Looks like a burnt out old film tape. :p

    I hope the last picture is looking good! ;)
    Feedback welcome. I will upload the changes to the last one sometime soon, but they will be minor. Then, I'll probably already head over to the final submissions thread and post it there and link to this thread, after all, not much time is left! :)
  • FirebornForm
    Looks like your matte painting photo manipulation skills are much higher than your painting skills. Not a knock on you, they're two very different mindsets and I'm pretty awful at matte painting myself.

    Classic UT does indeed have old industrial stuff, I think a lot of us have tried to do different things than Epic might have come up with on their own and industrial is pretty much a UT staple so that's a given. Still showing the concept in the contest submissions shows theres some fan demand for returning themes.

    By the way on the topic of returning themes, they're bringing back classicUT gothic castles as well ;)
  • Sly.
    Hehe, no worries, no offense taken! Other people are often better at judging one's skills. :)

    I'm a slow digital painter (only doing that since roughly a year at all and non-linearts since half a year maybe) so before I would have come up with something along the standards of this current concept, I would have probably ended up with one or two weeks overtime for my concept. I just joined the party too late I guess. :\

    I definitely would love to see old themes return and yes, I've heard/read it too! I'm active on the UT forums, so I'm usually pretty up-to-date - except when it was about this contest for some reason (I think I forgot when I was on vacations).

    PS: This is my first real attempt at matte painting. lol
  • FirebornForm
    For a first attempt it's pretty solid! Maybe it's not that adventurous in shapes and details but textural wise everything meshes together well and there's only one area in this image that "bugs me". The value of the wall-drop off of the wooden platform in the top right is pretty much the same values of the wooden floor. Because only the texture bends without a value it looks really odd. Id just suggest darkening that up a tad just enough so you can tell its a planar shift.
  • Sly.
    Thanks a bunch for always giving feedback FirebornForm! :)

    Applied the changes you suggested, though in a slightly different fashion:
    First of all, fixed the broken/bugged part on the floor, then I added flares to lamps so they are easily spottable.
    To differenciate the wall and the wooden floor, I changed the saturation of the pillar and its hues, I think it works better that way as I don't have to darken the wood any further (which would make it seem out of place).

    I have uploaded two versions below, the first one being the regular result and the second one with 15% more saturation.

    I think I'm done, at least I don't know of anything to fix yet, but the decision which one to upload to the final submissions thread isn't easy... I'm more leaning towards the less saturated original right now, but maybe someone will give some input before I go about submitting.

    Seeing how I have some time left, if everything seems all fine, I might sketch the outdoor looks of that building so that there is at least some shape/deeper setting to it.
  • Thatscrawnykid
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    Thatscrawnykid polycounter lvl 9
    Reminds of DM-Rankin from ut2k4 very nice, quick turnaround also, make sure you submit it and good luck dude!
  • Sly.
    Thanks, Thatscrawnykid! You're not the first one to compare it with Rankin. ;)
    Good luck to you too in case you participate or still have something to finish/submit! :)

    I consider the indoor area done, just started a quick outdoor view to give it a better shape.
    Below are four WIP screenshots. I'm not going to go into detail with that one and am rushing it just to have something to show about the outdoor setting before the deadline. :p

    I wonder if I can submit the indoor view now but add the second view later to my post...
  • Sly.

    Continued the painting.
    Progress can be seen below. This is primarily a painting and much less a matte painting, the only photo resources I used were a photo of a brickwall that I took long ago and a metal surface, rest was painted.
  • Sly.
    And last but not least, here is the final result with some touchups.
    I won't spend any more time on it as I consider it to be pretty much done, it was just supposed to be a cheap visualisation of the outdoor setting of the first picture I've made based on the blockout.

    Okay, I think I'm ready to post my stuff in the final submissions thread! :)
  • Sly.
    Just posting this here just in case someone is going to fix the deadline issue with the closed thread so I can have something to quote later on in case time is few - or remaining at all... :/

    Here's the summary of my work/concept, it portrays an old highrise industrial facility built in the middle of a big city.
    The WIP thread can be found here.
    Original resolutions are 3834x2202, in case this information would be in any way interesting or necessary.

    Indoor (based on Shot07) (first one)
    Outdoor (made from scratch) (second one)
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