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UTMC - EpicMegaMall

For this one I was looking at a lot of the skyscraper maps in past UTs and I was trying to come up with a theme that they likely would have done back in 99 if they had the right tech. A mall would be a perfect way to ground the this game and and give people a setting entry point. I found when I was younger I really enjoyed levels like the giant rooms and city mods on occasion as they felt personal and fantastic at the same time like when you imagine yourself as a super hero. Going from a megamall to a castle in space during a storm would surely put things in epic perspective. To make this different than a lot of modern shooters and keep in unreal I am making the mall more fantasy and not half destroyed like it would be in a military shooter.

here is some wips so far :)




  • wez
  • FirebornForm
    Nice work man, you busted this one out in no time flat. While a mall might seem "out of place" in UT at first I think it can easily tie back into it. Liandri is always "sponsoring the tournament" but thats extremely vague in every game and just feels like an afterthought. Your concept actually looks like a sponsorship area when you add the UT signs and symbols.
  • wez
    Thanks fire, I noticed when they made the first tournament game during developer diaries that they basically made any dream environments they'd love to fight in and there were a lot of skyscraper levels so I went around that hoping it would technically fit in as well as be something new. Cx
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