PETROL/BLOOD – UncleFantazmo

I am a long time lurker on these forums and a very infrequent poster. But I really want to get better at this whole "ART" thing. I am going to be honest what actually motivated me to even start trying to enter this contest was a YouTube Video that (I wish I could remember the specific one) said that the way that he got so good was he started entering contests and actually getting good feedback and BLAH BLAH BLAH. Anyway, I know I am a bit late to this contest, but there is no time like the present.

So, this is going to be my attempt at making a Character and his Ride. I am really looking forward to this, so please don't crush my dreams to quickly. :)

This is an as of yet un-named hero who is going to ride a beast like mecha robot. The Main guy, we can call him Tim for now, will most likely ride from the back of the beast mech.


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