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Hi everyone!
I have a question. I'm 3d graphic for 4-5 years (I making lp models, hp models and other things that you can check on my portfolio) but I never made any good game art scene so I decided to make one in UDK. I found pretty good concept of office room in web and I will try to make it by myself. I hope you will help me with my "small" and maybe stupid problem :P

I have some models on the scene such as desks, chairs, wardrobe, pipes which goes from heater and many other objects. And here is the question, it is necessary to first make hp model and then bake maps for lp models, or should I make only lp model and then create maps by myself in PS/Gimp whitout using baked normal map and ambient occlusion? I hope you understand what I have said :P
I know that it is good to make hp model of weapon or car and then bake maps to use on lp model, but it's necessary for typically square, rectangular or even cylindrical models (like I write before - desks, wardrobe, chairs, pipes)?
I asking because I want to be sure.



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