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Procrastinating a bit more before the arduous effort of finishing any of these, I thought I'd try a final theme, this one based on the Liandri Mining Corporation, specifically, an excavation site.

From the start I wanted to do something with a massive geode; they look cool and could play cool too. I started with the idea that this geode might be lodged in the sheer face of an open-pit mine and covered in striations of dirt like a knot in wood. That, very roughly, looked like this:


That attempt, though, didn't demonstrate much of any functionality as an FPS map, and quickly changed into this:


A bit better, but more elegantly divided it went on to this:


This has ultimately changed again as has the original name of 'UT - Tumor' to the now 'UT - Jawbreaker'. Reading more about geodes and geode cracking, I learned that it's a pipe cutting chain that's so often used to do so. Then it was a quick change from a bicycle chain to the more Unreal feeling chainsaw chain and its teeth, and so the candy came to mind.



  • FirebornForm
    Now that I finally have time to type, I wanted to chime in on this. Geodes are awesome, infact I grew my own back in school and I still have it. They are by far cooler than your average crystal-cave map. and this idea is totally insane. I might question if its "visual clear" enough or if it's too busy but the idea is totally cool and I don't think iv ever seen a giant geode map.

    Crit wise, i'll just skip over the fact everything;s a sketch but I think the idea of castle-structures being inside of the geode before you crack it open is a little silly. Like how did they get in there in the first place? totally impossible to build it from inside a rock. This map theme would be a real test on a designer of how visually busy something can be while still being clear.
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