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Character Concept Voting for August 2014

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Voting concluded.

Final TWO
8 votes

7 votes

  • We the community as a whole will decide on what will we be working on for this upcoming month.
  • Anyone can participate in the voting process, even if he or she doesn't participate in the Monthly Challenge itself
  • You can vote on multiple pieces. Simply post or quote them in your reply/replies.
  • PLEASE DO NOT post a concept art of multiple characters. Different people will work on different characters and that would beat the purpose of this.
  • You may post interesting concept without actually voting for them. Simply state so when you do.
  • If you want to discuss about the pieces, don't quote the images.
  • The goal is to get better and to make stuff. So, pick challenging and fun piece (?)
  • You will decide character budget on your own term. So don't base concept piece on low budget. Determine budget on the concept instead.
  • If you already contact the creation of certain concept art, please state so as well (thus we don't all contact the poor guy with the same question). Usually I take it upon myself to contact the artists for permission.
  • Voting ends on the 27th, midnight US time West Coast.
  • The actual challenge itself starts on 1st day of August, in its own thread which I will be creating then.
  • Note that I MIGHT pick two or maybe three concepts for next month. But if I do, I will not pick more than one of the same kind. (No 2 hard-surface pieces or 2 dude-in-armor pieces)

Fire Plain Girl

Doctor from Dark District

Ravness Loxaerion from Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
Is this official game concept art ? Anyone knows ?


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