Environment Artist Doing Character Modeling

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kimmokaunela polycounter
I´m doing almost 100% envy stuff and props but I always wanted to learn more about character modeling. I never had time to do character stuff but now I´m going to change that. This is going to be my sketchbook where I´m going to spam some test and other personal projects related to organic modeling.

like I said I´m a noob when it comes to model anything that lives and breaths so any links, tutorials and C&C are more than welcome.


  • kimmokaunela
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    kimmokaunela polycounter
    I finally managed to get this done. It took over two month to complete and I learned a lot. It´s not real-time but I the next project will be :) She is inspirated by a finnish actress Krista Kosonen and I tried to make it as good as my skills allowed me to do. Modeled in 3ds max and ZBrush. Rendered with V-ray but I also used Marmoset Toolbag 2 for fast testing different textures and lightings.

    Making of can be found here: http://kimmok.siteground.net/lfi03.html

    Here is the color version:


    And this is a more stylize test:

  • FourtyNights
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    FourtyNights polycounter lvl 4
    That quite cool, and not bad from an environment artist. Especially I like the definition of color zones of the skin you have achieved pretty nicely. I'm learning to become a professional character artist (only), and somehow I like to work a bit with hard surface stuff as well. In the opposite way as you like. ;D

    I'm not so great at anatomy, so I can't give any pro tips.

    Niin ja joo, m
  • jamiemurphy
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    jamiemurphy polycounter lvl 4
    Hey, great work - I love the attention to detail.
  • BagelHero
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    BagelHero polycounter lvl 4
    For a self confessed "newbie"; this is damn fantastic.

    That's not going to help you improve though, so I'll offer some small crits.
    The pores and raised bumps seem too deep/protruding. Dial the Displacement/Normal down a little, or tone it down on the sculpt itself if the issue lies there.

    Additionally, the hair seems to sit kind of unnaturally. I don't know much about Fibermesh, and I too have this issue when attempting it on a large scale, so I unfortunately cannot help much.

    I assume you've been referencing Yuri Alexanders' tutorials?

    Anyway, great work, and I look forward to seeing more stuff from you, character or otherwise.
  • Noren
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    Noren polycounter lvl 13
    I think that's a very good start!
    Some of the details seem a bit off, though. (e.g. the philtrum cutting very low into the lips, nostrils )
    Also the smile looks a bit strange and is too local.
    I did a quick google search and suspect you might have been fooled by light and shadows of the photographs a bit.
    The likeness isn't spot on, but certainly there.
    What did you use for the eyes? The reflection makes them seem like they might be simple spheres.Eyes have a little additional hill at the lens.

    Had a look at your making of page.
    While the head looks good from the front and textured, the 3d model has definitely some problems. Still not bad at all, especially for a first,but you clearly relied a lot on the front shots and tried to line up the forms from what you saw, without completely understanding them. So that's where your lack of experience is showing a bit.
  • DWalker
    The face feels masculine. I think the biggest problem is the shape of the lower jaw; it should be softer, with smoother curves.
  • kimmokaunela
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    kimmokaunela polycounter
    Thanks all for the good feedback, it´s very important for me!

    @DWalker I used a lot of time with that area and it was hard to get it to match. Good points there!

    @Noren Thanks for the feedback! I´m trying to pay more attention into those things. I modeled eyes like they should be in the real world but I think the shader or lighting killed that feel. I´m also going to model the head better next time and like you said I used too much effort for the front view.

    @BagelHero Thanks! Yep, I went too far with the bumbs on the skin. I used Hair&Fur for the hair but I´m going to look that fibermesh in my next project. Looks really nice way to do hairs!

    @jamiemurphy Thanks! :)

    @FourtyNights Thanks! Kiva huomata, että suomalaisia täälläkin pyörii :) Harmi kuulla, että koulutuksen taso on mitä on. Itse olen opetellut kaikki enkä ole mitään alan kouluja käynyt ellei autoasentajan tutkintoa lasketa :) Itseopiskelussa ei ole mitään muuta vikaa kuin se, että pitää jaksaa tehdä treeniä ja hyppiä välillä pois mukavuusalueelta. Odotan innolla postailujasin tänne!
  • ThinkKlinck
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    ThinkKlinck polycounter lvl 4
    As some one learning environment art this blows me away. Good show.
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