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Hi all, I just joined Polycount. I'm currently working towards my MFA at DigiPen. Critiques are always welcome.

I'm sculpting a horse skeleton as part of my thesis. I just finished the vertebrae:


I've been working on this for a little over 3 months. Part of that time was figuring out how to start, how much Zbrush vs Maya to use, gathering reference, etc. I found that although bones are hard surface, it's easier to use Zbrush because it's quicker to fix mistakes and match reference that's not in an orthographic view.

I still used Maya for blocking out big shapes and alignment. What I found worked really well was to create the base shape out of just Maya primitives, using only duplicate, move, rotate, and scale, then dynameshing it in zbrush. By restricting myself to not use edge loops, I avoided getting too detailed too quickly and was forced to think about the planes and direction of the form: even if I didn't match it exactly in this step.

C6 vertebrae blockout using this workflow:

Pelvis and sacrum:

Unfortunately I got way too detailed with this process with the skull. The complexity resulted in tearing when I Dynameshed it that I had to go back and fix. I also got thrown off since the reference images I used for the skull were a different breed of horse than I was looking at for the rest of the skeleton:

To do:
  1. tail bones
  2. ribs
  3. mandible detail
  4. skull:fix eye socket shape and internal forms, connection to atlus
  5. teeth
  6. adjust angles of articulation in the foreleg bones


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