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Obieteru - Sculpting improving thread

Hi! This is my first post in polycount, I have been watching zbrush tutorials and messing a bit with it for the past month, two days ago I decided that is time for action, so i began my first sculpt, I know it's full of newbie mistakes, and I'm here to solve that, so please, critique as much as u can.

I'm gonna use this thread to upload all my sculpts so, thanks for checking it out, and hope u like it.

First sculpt: Cartoony Axe (From Dota 2)

I have used this concept from the very talented louissry for posing the character http://louissry.deviantart.com/art/3-HERO-STR-AGI-INT-467981971



Second sculpt, first try at polypainting:


Third sculpt, Kanto 104 (Cubone)



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