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This is my first contest since I got into the industry, so I'm excited! I'm also trying to balance out my impatience to get to the part where I experiment with PBR and DDO and Marmoset settings, with a fair amount of planning before I get too heavily into sculpting.

I spent a while thinking of what theme of entry I wanted to make, and then my fiancee gave me an awesome idea for a mount, and I had an idea for a pilot, so I'm making an elephant rider based on her!

Originally I thought of making a very simple diorama with a rigged low poly of the pilot and mount, but given the amount of time I have available I decided to skip that step for now, and get to a point where I can start locking idea's down for how I want them both to look.
To that end, I made some very loose concepts to get a general idea for the characters, and then made some low poly versions to scale which I'll be using to concept out detail area's before I go further on modeling.
So . . . here's drawing stuff!





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